21 Apr 2011

Childhood Obesity Facts Which Could Save Your Child

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While we all are planning for a greener and brighter future, our children are tackling a new health dispute with rising obesity rates. Recent research shows that around 400 million people are obese in the world and around 10% of these are children. Children suffering from childhood obesity have a high possibility of emerging heart disease, diabetes and emotional trauma or depression. Here are numerous childhood obesity facts that can help your child better save your child’s life.

Though, people often assume that the only cause of obesity is too much intake of food but there are a lot of factors that could turn your child in to an obese. Childhood obesity can be caused by genetics, emotional trauma and illness. A lot of children start facing child obesity after their parents get divorce or if they suffer a loss of a loved one. Parents should monitor their child’s behavior after any hurtful event to make sure your child is dealing with their emotions appropriately.

Along with that, the dietary conditions also play an important role in childhood obesity. High processed, fatty food is cheap and does not require too much effort while preparing, whereas, fruits and vegetables are more expensive and not everyone can afford to buy the healthier but more expensive foods.

The health hazard in obese children is at far greater risk as compare to an obese adult because children experience the health risks associated with obesity, such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, arthritis etc. earlier in life and the longer a person is obese, the greater the risk is. Besides the physical danger in the obese children, there is also a prospective for psychological damage.
But the best advantage is that the parents can easily child obesity by making better choices. Cook tasty but healthy food for child and tell them the negatives of consuming large quantity of fast food, ice creams, chips and others. They can also encourage children and the whole family to exercise more. Not only will this make your child happy but it also makes them more active.
These childhood obesity facts are upsetting, but now that you how to help your child in childhood obesity treatment you can easily alter your lifestyle and you must!

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