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In inspiring and creating healthy habits

Get Involved

Whether you’re a large corporation, a school administrator, a teacher, or a community member, YOU can get involved. The Mollen Foundation offers projects and opportunities for people at all levels, just contact us and see how you can help.


From workshops to volunteer hours, the Mollen Foundation can accommodate your teams large and small. Help us grow our Garfield Garden on the Corner or take a workshop about growing and cooking naturally healthy meals. Whichever you may be looking for, we can help.

Administrators & Teachers

Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator wanting to integrate our healthy habits into your curriculum, the Mollen Foundation can teach you how. Our professional development program will help you integrate healthy food, exercise, mindfulness and teamwork into your students’ school day.


The Garfield Garden on the Corner is open to community members every weekend. If you need a place to grow food or just want a little inspiration, give it a visit. If you’re looking to volunteer or help us out in some other way, use the contact for below to reach out.