03 May 2011

Back To School: Remembering Health At Lunch Time

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With school starting, school meals are back on our “parents” to do “list. You want to make sure your child a healthy meal. After all, studies have shown that a nutritious breakfast helps children do better in school. We also ask you your child has lunch! Do you have a healthy lunch for your child? Did you give them money to buy lunch at school and cross fingers, they choose a healthy lunch? Do you buy pre-packaged, Grab and Go meals that cost more and are very healthy? This article will give you some specific ideas that make it easy to create meals school healthy and tasty to get your child to eat healthily.

Summer vacation, which always goes too fast. However, there is excitement in the air. His son is in a new and installed in his new master. Is connected with the families who have not seen during the summer and your child is happy to see old friends. It was noted the date of return to school at night in their agenda and have begun to examine the list of volunteer activities. Suddenly it hits you – a word I had forgotten since the end of last school year: LUNCH!

Want to prepare nutritious lunches for their children, but know it will not be easy. You want to provide healthy snacks or fast food and less balanced than their children eat. You’ve been here and remember some of the frustrations. Or pay for the cafeteria lunch and hear about the horrible food, or you discover that your daughter does not even take a bite of his sandwich lunch box and had a single bite of his apple. This is one of the reasons that some parents opt for packed lunches can be high in fat and sodium. Or maybe try a bag of chips – because it feels better knowing that your child has something in his stomach. Oh, yes, take your child to eat a nutritious meal may seem like a battle. But could it be? Really? With a little more easy, quick meal ideas, you can get your child to eat a nutritious meal without all the headaches!

First, give you a pat on the back to make nutrition a priority. It is important to teach children healthy habits, even when they are away from home. And schools are here to help! That is why Congress established the new guidelines require that school meals every school meal program with the federally funded (eg, the National School Lunch Program or breakfast) to develop wellness policies by 2007. (Check if your school has a policy of welfare). Wellness policy addresses nutrition and physical activity at school. Unfortunately, the politics of welfare is not enough when schools are struggling with small budgets for food service. Thus, fast and easy processed foods (think chicken nuggets and French fries) are also offered at the school.

I remember the advice a couple of families who have struggled with their school-age children. They have become so accustomed to eating pizza, hot dogs and fries at school that is all they would at home for dinner. I recommend packing a brown bag lunch at least twice a week to gradually introduce healthy meals. Give your child help you if healthy lunches is a family affair. He begins by trying to include healthy foods in the five food groups.

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